Referral Double Reward!

Referral Double Reward!

Join our "Referral Double Reward!" campaign and receive bonus rewards for both you and your friends! Simply refer someone to complete our specified survey, and not only will you both earn the normal referral reward of $50 each, but you'll also qualify for an additional $10 each as part of this exclusive campaign.

Limited Opportunity:

- This campaign is limited to 30 winners pairs* (with "1 pair" representing each referrer-referred pair).
- Selection of winners will be conducted through a lottery, giving everyone a fair chance to win.

Remember, the more you refer, the better your chances! Spread the word, participate in our survey, and reap the rewards of our "Referral Double Reward!" campaign.

Campaign Period

First round: 15th - 29th May
Second round: 30th May - 29th Jun

Reward Details



Standard referral benefit: $50
Additional campaign bonus: $10
Total Referrer Earnings: $60

Referred Members

Standard referral benefit: $50
Additional campaign bonus: $10
Total Referred Members Earnings: $60

First round: Limited to 10 pairs winners
Second round: Limited to 20 pairs winners

Reward schedule: 

First round: By the end of May 2024
Second round: By the end of Jun 2024

Reward method:

The points will be granted directly to your Research's account

Who can participate

All Research Singapore members

How to participate

  1. Login and go to the referral page,
  2. Choose any invitation methods [unique link/QR code/social media/blog]
  3. Share your unique invitation link to someone or post it on your social media platform.
  4. Request your referred person to answer the specific survey (Survey ID: 2096691).


  1. Only registration from your unique invitation link will be counted as your referral.
  2. You are qualified for the reward only if your referred person passes our verification as a valid account.
  3. Your qualification for winning the campaign reward will be cancelled or withdrawn without dispute if fraud action is detected.
  4. Research reserves the right to determine the qualification of members for the reward points. Research's decision on all matters relating to the campaign shall be final, and no further correspondence or attempt to dispute such a decision will be entertained.