15-Day Survey Streak Challenge

Referral Double Reward!

Join our "15-Day Survey Streak Challenge"! Answer surveys for 15 days or more during the campaign period and share a grand pool of 20,000 points.

To qualify for the points pool, you must answer surveys on at least 15 different days within the campaign period. Your share of the points pool will be determined by the number of days you've participated. The more days you answer surveys, the higher your share of the points!

Campaign Period

1st June 2024 - 25th June 2024

Reward Details


Share the points pool with other qualified winners based on the number of days you answered the surveys. The more days you answer surveys, the bigger your share of the 20,000 points pool!

Example: No. of days answered by you: 20 days
No. of days answered by all qualified participants: 1000 days
Total points pool: 20,000 points
Your points = 20/1000*20,000 = 400 points

Reward schedule: 

After the campaign ended, by the end of June 2024

Reward method:

The points will be granted directly to your Research's account

Who can participate

All Research Singapore members

How to participate

  1. Answer surveys at least 15 different days during the campaign period to qualify for a chance to win big!
  2. The more days you participate, the more points you can earn. Join now and make the most of this exciting opportunity!


  1. Only successfully completed surveys from each different day will be counted.
  2. Your qualification for winning the campaign incentive will be canceled or withdrawn without dispute if fraud is detected.
  3. Research reserves the right to determine the qualification of members for the reward points. Research's decision on all matters relating to the campaign shall be final, and no further correspondence or attempt to dispute such a decision will be entertained.